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Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city, is located along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, spilling to either side of the river valley and resembling an oasis during the summer with its plethora of parks and urban escapes tucked away all throughout the city.


Edmonton is a government town, where the people are friendly and hospitable. There is a simultaneously liberal and blue-collar feel to the city. Many have commented that Edmonton has the intimate feel of a small town where a million people just happen to be living, and, indeed, living in Edmonton does produce a strong sense of community and belongingness which Edmonton residents (Edmontonians) are happy to share.


One of Edmonton’s main attractions, and a reason why the city is visited by people from all over the world, is its many festivals. In fact, Edmonton has so many festivals it has earned the nickname, “Festival City.” A lot of these festivals occur during the summer including the world-renowned Fringe Theatre Festival, where theatre troupes from every part of the world come to debut their new shows, while critics and fans come in droves to watch. There’s also the ever-popular Capital EX festival (formerly the Klondike Days) where some of Canadians top acts and performers come to celebrate the summer.


But Edmonton isn’t all about the fun and celebration, there is also a great deal of profit to be had in Edmonton, especially from the oil industry. Edmonton’s oil industry first truly “boomed” in 1947 with a drill in Leduc, and since then there have been countless wells and an enormous amount of development done in the city and surrounding area. Most recently, a new technology has allowed for the exploitation of the Alberta oil sands, making it boom-time all over again in Alberta’s capital city.


There a lot of great houses for sale in Edmonton, as Edmonton is a city where there is truly something for everyone. One of Edmonton’s most famous communities is Strathcona, a neighborhood which overlooks the river valley and contains some of Edmonton’s most coveted estate properties, as well as easy proximity to downtown and the much talked-about Whyte Avenue, the city’s hottest strip mall, where Edmonton students and hipsters gather for an impressively varied nightlife.


Many of Edmonton’s neighborhoods are within walking distance of schools, shopping centers, and are safe and comfortable neighborhoods. If you’re thinking of buying a house in Edmonton and would like to look at some homes for sale in Edmonton, you’ve come to the right place. Browse through 1000s of homes for sale in Edmonton right here and find your place in one of Canada’s greatest cities.

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